Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Assignment 2

One subject matter shot under 4 different lighting positions!

The Decisive Moment

This photo was taken when my team members were doing project. I find their seriousness pretty interesting, hence i took it down.

This photo was taken when my friends were playing among themselves. i like this picture because there is a line of symmetry if u notice carefully and it seems as if the time has stop.

This photo was taken when my friends were busying studying for their upcoming MST. I like the background pretty much as it looks plain and squarish.

This photo was taken when my friend was studying. This photo give me a feeling of stress level as if the stress is stuck there in the picture.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Assignment 1

Self Portrait:

Shot right after a water game. Displaying distress and disappointment. With the background blurred, it make me the main focus of the picture

Internal and External Shots:

Triangular repetitions in this architectural design.

Even more pretty at night with the indoor spotlight.

It looks even prettier at night whith the line of symmetry and with the lighting and all it make it very grand.

What i like about this picture is there is line of symmetry which make it pretty unique.

Arif Chit Bah
(DASE/2B/23, Thursday morning GEMs class)